OBE or Weird Dream?…

It was much like any other night, I’d settled the children down and wearily climbed into bed…I don’t remember falling asleep but remember waking up, it was still dark…I blinked trying to adjust my vision, all I could see was lots of little white speckles…How the television used to go after the national anthem played … More OBE or Weird Dream?…


Having no regrets

Mum lived 240 miles away so the telephone became our main means of contact, the last time I spoke with my Mother she had expressed her concern for my welfare; there was so much going on around me at the time… I didn’t wanted her worrying about me or anything else for that matter, after … More Having no regrets

Room with a view

If I could fly at the speed of light to another location…another time, another place…If only… It is 1989 and Mums saying “Please come with me Laura, I know you’ll enjoy it”… Mum was inviting me to a works do at Coombe Abbey Country Park… Originally Mum and Barry her husband were supposed to be … More Room with a view

Late Starter

Okay this was supposed to be a great start to the week for me,  “writing 101” is the first daily writing challenge that gives prompts; which is pretty much what I need. Unfortunately I’m behind by four days now as I fell ill over the weekend, still on the path to recovery I’ve just opened … More Late Starter

Solar Eclipse Magic

If God could speak i think he’d say, “whats wrong with my children of the day”?  “They fuss and fight with slanderous bite, they hurt, they maim and all in my name”?  “My children its easy to honour me ~ to love each other unwavering-ly… You walk on paths that lead to the same ~ let hate pass on … More Solar Eclipse Magic

Colour Blind

“No one is born hating another person because of  the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion … if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love”. ~ Nelson Mandela ~ Following the death of Nelson Mandela, I came across this quote and it struck a chord with me … More Colour Blind

Who Cares?

When calamity strikes and you are unable to help the turn of events who can we turn to?I became the carer of my Daughter in August/September of 2012, my daughter has active bi-polar but had been ‘stable’ for ten years when this government decided the sick must work.Lisa’s support worker changed due to maternity leave … More Who Cares?