Solar Eclipse Magic

If God could speak i think he’d say, “whats wrong with my children of the day”?  “They fuss and fight with slanderous bite, they hurt, they maim and all in my name”? 
“My children its easy to honour me ~ to love each other unwavering-ly…
You walk on paths that lead to the same ~ let hate pass on by there’s nothing to gain ~ rejoice in love and shame the devil ~ bathe in light and beauty be ~ for that’s the reflection of you in me” 

“I need you to know of the greatest love, that lives in your heart and comes from above…
When I display a cosmic show for everything that lives or breaths or grows ~ all are included
you’re of equal importance ~ From the mountains high to the depths of the sea ~ all view that special love coming from me…
Take care of each other and set yourself free ~ for all is one and One is me…All my Love…God”


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