Late Starter

Okay this was supposed to be a great start to the week for me,  “writing 101” is the first daily writing challenge that gives prompts; which is pretty much what I need.
Unfortunately I’m behind by four days now as I fell ill over the weekend, still on the path to recovery I’ve just opened my e-mails and read the prompts; I now look forward to getting started.
I free write almost everyday I normally use paper, I’ve found when I’m looking at the keyboard of the laptop I go blank… if you can imagine a home full of A4 booklets and notepads that’s me; I’ll write on anything…receipts…envelopes literally anything to hand when words come to me.
I’m now eager to catch up with my prompts and Thank you for the opportunity to participate.


One thought on “Late Starter

  1. I’ve also only just responded to the first prompt! Compatriots being several days behind. Turns out I hardly know my way around wordpress, spent ages trying to figure out how to find these tagged posts…then looking for the day 1 posts….
    Anyway, yes, I love writing on paper too. I’m quicker typing though so I just wrote mine straight up and I almost never reread any soul musings that I’ve jotted down.
    I’ve had a glance at the second prompt. I’m going to let that mull awhile. Since I”m not the only one behind, there’s less urgency to ‘catch up’. And no, I don’t have a decent excuse for starting late, I think I just panicked at the thought of writing whatever turned up in my head, and then maybe daring to publish.

    I will check in on you again soon 🙂

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