Having no regrets

Mum lived 240 miles away so the telephone became our main means of contact, the last time I spoke with my Mother she had expressed her concern for my welfare; there was so much going on around me at the time…
I didn’t wanted her worrying about me or anything else for that matter, after all there was little she could do living so far away…
There was so much I had wanted to say to her, yet no words were spoken…This would be the last time we talked…Mum went to bed just after midnight on the 14th March 1997 and didn’t wake up again.

I got to thinking tonight on how many times I’ve lost sleep over a word spoken in haste or angst… It bought to mind a few words of wisdom I once heard and liked…’Never let the sun go down on an argument or allow ill feelings to linger, you never know if you’re seeing your loved one for the last time’…
If you love someone tell them…Remark on how you love their smile or compliment them on what they do well…Love can be beautiful…Or it can break your heart… Don’t live to regret an unspoken word.


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