OBE or Weird Dream?…

It was much like any other night, I’d settled the children down and wearily climbed into bed…I don’t remember falling asleep but remember waking up, it was still dark…I blinked trying to adjust my vision, all I could see was lots of little white speckles…How the television used to go after the national anthem played years ago. I decided to get out of bed to put the light on…Only when I tried to get out of bed everything was moving in slow motion, including me. It felt like an age until I reached the bedroom door, I remember thinking to myself…If I can get the bedroom door open maybe it will be different in the hallway…but it wasn’t. By now I was feeling quite scared every step an effort, I was relieved to see a light coming from the front room and kitchen area which were situated opposite each other…Great I thought, my brothers still up… As I approached the living room I could hear his music softly playing…I turned towards the kitchen and could hear the rattle of the teacup and spoon, I opened my mouth to call out to my brother…but nothing came out, panicking I tried to scream…again nothing came out…Then I abruptly woke up, I lay there for a short while trying to adjust my vision…I had to know whether everything was still in slow motion, I grabbed a hold of my quilt and swung it back…it flew off the bed and I was out of that bedroom in a flash headed towards the kitchen…As in my previous experience I noticed the lights on in both rooms, I could hear music and my brother was in the kitchen making himself a drink I told him what had happened…I decided this was either an OBE or it was a weird dream, to this day I don’t know which…


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