Who Cares?

When calamity strikes and you are unable to help the turn of events who can we turn to?I became the carer of my Daughter in August/September of 2012, my daughter has active bi-polar but had been ‘stable’ for ten years when this government decided the sick must work.Lisa’s support worker changed due to maternity leave … More Who Cares?

Star Child

To our Angel up above  ~  Sending down a Divine Love Bathe us in your beauty bright ~ Make us warriors of your light Give us hope to light our way ~ promise us you’ll always stay… And loyalty we’ll give to thee ~ stay by your side for eternity ♥   Written for Michael J … More Star Child

You are Love

When I was young I was told ~ there are many different kinds of Love… I now realize this isn’t strictly true ~For me there is only ‘One Love’ ~ A truth that lay deep inside each of us… Everything we ‘love’ brings to us a unique feeling of its own ~ Try it ~ … More You are Love